Stephanie Artarit - Petit Tipota - Antiparos- Store Owner

I discovered Tooshie's little wonders thanks to an Italian friend a few years ago. The quality is absolutely brilliant and the colors are gorgeous. For me, this is the perfect maillot. Ever since not a summer has gone by without Tooshie! I hang my Tooshie bikinis all over the walls of my Petit Tipota store in Antiparos. Inside, outside, suspended on threads like sexy underwear that dry in the wind with little specks of color and gold that catch the sun's rays and catch the eye. Girls jump on the swimwear, they want all the shapes and colors! My customers talk like children in front of a fireworks display,  'Oh, the beautiful blue!'  "Oh, the yellow!' they say. Then they pass them over their tanned bodies and are unable to resist how they look because they are even more beautiful with the Tooshie on than naked. And then they tie a sarong and go dancing, swimming, or flirting with a dazzled lover…

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