What are cookies?

Cookies are short pieces of data that are sent to your device (computer, tablet or smartphone) when you visit a website.

Cookies allow us to personalize your experience and provide you a better use of the website functionalities.

Use of cookies

Acording to the device you use to visit our website, we implement cookies in order to:

- know who you are and follow your navigation

- enhance and simplify your user experience especially when ordering our produtcs

- ensure safe browsing by preventing fraudulent activity

- provide relevant content regarding your preferences and expectations

- provide promotional content in relation with your order history

How can you mange cookies in your browser ?

Default browser settings are usually accepting cookies, but you can easily change these settings.

Note that if you chose not to accept cookies, you could experience some difficulties in using some functionalities of our website.

Do we use third party cookies ?

Third party cookies can be saved on your device in order to personalize the content (including advertising) displayed during your visit, especially for content linked to social networks.

If you visit a specific content on our social networks (Instagram, Facebook), a cookie from the related social network can be saved on your device.

Kindly refer to the Privacy Policy of each social network for more information on their use of cookies.


Do we have cookies on third party websites ?

Some of our cookies can be placed on third party websites we have a partnership with and displaying advertising on our brand and/or products.

These cookies are used to deliver relevant and taylored content and to track statistics .

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We use cookies to improve your experience on our site.

To find out more, read our pricavy policy and cookies policy.